The Source!

I remember when I was a young kid I lived my life without any problems. Problems just did not exist. Then suddenly I had them. And a lot. The older I got, the more serious the problems appeared. It took me some years of training to recreate living my life without problems. If I could back then, why not now?

I discovered that there are no problems in life. I mean that quite literally. But "there are no problems in life" doesn't mean that there are no problems for human beings. This distinction made me curious of how we as human beings create life it self.

Being the cause of the source...!

By the way, could it be that the only difference between problems that disappear and problems that persist is we keep on chattering about the ones that persist?

About the Author

Joeban Machiel. Life Enthusiast. Possibilizer. Coach.

With today's stand of more than 1 million visitors and tens of thousands subscribers I want to leave you here with an experience, rather than to merely impart new information. Don’t just take it as value what you read, test it out and see if it works for you. In any case, even the truth, when believed, is made up. You must experience the truth, not believe it.

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