Inner Heaven

A lot of people experience life as a journey, a very long walk. Imagine, you are making a long walk. It's going well, you're wearing good shoes, you're really up to this walk and everything is going fine. But then suddenly there's this tiny, I mean really tiny small piece of rock, and it's in a place where it shouldn't be: In your shoe. Now, on every step, you feel that little piece of rock. You could take a moment and sit down, take off your shoe, shake it till the rock comes out and move on. But that's not what people do.

Instead people are saying: "What is happening? How is this possible? I didn't ask for that. Maybe it is Karma? Why is this happening to me? Why, why, why"..... And the pain is getting worse. So you grab your cell phone and make a call back home: "I have a problem, my foot hurts when I am walking. I think it is a tiny little piece of rock, but I'm not sure. I haven't taken off my shoe yet, but I think it is a piece of rock. Can you call a doctor and ask him what to do?" So back home they make the call and ask the doctor what to do. And the doctor asks: "Does he have some aspirins with him"? So home phones you back and says: "There are some aspirins in your first aid kit, take them." Meanwhile the pain is getting even worse and worse. And what do we do? We are analyzing the pain. It is terrible, it is horrible, it's getting unbearable.
Then suddenly, you meet another stroller and you ask: "Can you help me?" So this person says: "Of course, what can I do for you?" "Well, I have this terrible pain in my foot, I think it is a little piece of rock in my shoe, what do I need to do? So the stroller says: "Sit down, take off your shoe, take the rock out and hopefully it will get better." So your first reaction is: "Could it be that simple?" After hours of investigation and asking questions, after hours of horrible pain you say: "How dare you, to trivialize it by saying, to only get the rock out of my shoe. That's way too simple, you are seeing it wrong." And you stumble on.

This may sound funny and maybe it is funny, but that's not my intention. It may sound funny because, this is what we do in real life. What we do in real life is make something simple, something small, so complicated. That is what we do. Until we are aware and be fully conscious that what we are looking for is already part of us, is already inside us, life will be a long walk with a piece of rock in your shoe. And after a while you will get another piece of rock, and another, and another...
It doesn't matter how expensive your shoes are, how good your cell phone is, how many doctors you call, it doesn't matter how many aspirins you have with you to relieve your pain. It doesn't make any difference until you are present that you are the source of your life.

You are the cause of the source of your life. No one else can it be. So whatever the problem is that you woke up with this morning, let it go, and be the source of your life! Be the joy and fulfillment of your life.

You are the one!

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