How to Bring Balance and Compassion to Life

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What's Worth More Than Personal Achievement?

Time: 3 minutes.

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In many areas of my life I had experienced that personal achievement is a big game to play. The satisfaction and fulfillment I was getting out of the accomplishment was tempting.

Also, as a climber I experienced firsthand that succeeding a climb was giving me joy and happiness. During the heyday of my climbing career I stood many times at the bottom of a mountain or rock face totally psyched to climb it, like the one in the picture. Years of training, pain and suffering just to be on top of a mountain. There was only one goal. Only one, right?
You know, every time I had reached the top and enjoyed the view, just after a few breaths I had already noticed the next most difficult route… And thinking to myself, “Oh, actually I haven’t achieved anything – I must need to climb that too!” So the sheer joy and happiness quickly faded away and I was already planning the next climb. I wasn’t aware of the cycle I was caught up in.

Stop Thinking That You Deserve Better

Time: 6 minutes.

Deserve (verb): to have earned or to be given something because of the way you have 
behaved or the qualities you have. - Cambridge Dictionary

When we fail in life to fulfill our needs, we tend to blame something else. Soon the thought that ‘I deserve better’ is running around in your mind like the coyote looking for Roadrunner. You ‘deserve’ a better job, life, car, cat, home, kid, etc… now it's everywhere. But most often it’s used in reference to relationships. Especially during a breakup. And mine opinion is that ‘you deserve better’ is just a weak and sad excuse someone uses to let you down easy. 

It’s an easy rat race to get caught up in, a tiny egotistical voice conditioning your mind ‘Oh! But you deserve so much better!’ 

Why? Because you are submerged in the idea that you are special and now you think you have a right to have it all. Because you think that you’ve done it all, so you want the world now. But the egocentric demand ‘I want the world and I want it now’ is doomed on these two fronts:

Give In Get Happy

What You Think Other People Think Of You

Time: 9 minutes.

The search for constant external validation may be hindering your success.

If you worry about what others think of you, think again. Does it make any real difference for you? Do you have more confidence in their opinions than in your own? Is their thinking more valuable than yours? I’ve met people who don’t care at all what others think. And I’ve met people who constantly worry what others think.

In order to be ‘emotionally intelligent’, we need to have some awareness and be sensitive of what others may be thinking of us whilst not caring so much that it prevents us loosing contact with our ground of being. In other words, we have to find a balance in what a social situation demands from us. It’s human nature to want to be liked and accepted. And because of that, it is only natural that you’re going to start taking the signals that you see and hear about what people think about you.

Don't Think Outside Of The Box

Just get rid of the box!

Shifting Your Perspective

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Get What You Want, How?

Time: 9 minutes.

Shifting To The Be→Do→Have Paradigm.

We always want something 'more' in life. Or something should be bigger or better, right? So we invent endless ways to achieve it, our creative minds in optima forma. That's why there are tons of books and blog post about this subject. But they are all based on doing in order to improve something, you know the  bigger and better formula... Like more clients, more money, more freedom, more success and more happiness...
But when you strip down the circumstances and you peel off the materialism, what you left with is just a state of being. So why is it that most of the widely spread content about this subject, doesn't start with changing your state of being in the first place? Because often we relate to 'being' as something that 'just happens' to us. 

Well, is it? Is your being something that just happens? Really? Just for a moment, a very brief moment, just take  it on, that you can influence your state of being. Then what would be your belief system in life if you want something? Wouldn't you start with the be part?

Do Unto Others

Answers From An Old Master

Time: 5 minutes.

What can we in our modern fast world learn from Laozi, also known as Lao-Tzu, meaning Old Master. Laozi was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. Most people know him as the founder of Taoism. The Tao philosophy, meaning 'the way' or 'the path', is based on simple and humble living. Of course Laozi had no idea about rush hour, smartphone's and super fast internet, I mean 2,500 years ago the world looks a little bit different, but he did know and had really good thoughts about ordinary day human phenomena like distraction, confusion, happiness, acceptance, desire, freedom etc.