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Power is always and everywhere. True power exists far beyond strategies, beyond manipulation, control, and abuse. This essay reveals the true power that is already present in you as you consider being fearless in the face of every circumstances you encounter.

Circumstances are vehicles through which we express ourselves. There are circumstances we generate, create, or gravitate to because they allow us to feel most like ourselves. And, there are circumstances we avoid because we don't like to experience ourselves in ways that feel uncomfortable. Generating, creating, avoiding, and denying are each a strategic use of power to get what we want, whether that be safety and security or cutting-edge changes in our lives within our given circumstances.

Seeing yourself outside your current circumstances is a challenging practice, but if you can do it, you can begin to use your power to move beyond what you think is true in relation to your circumstances in order to create a different way of being. Life is just life. It's how you choose to be with your life, your circumstances, your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, etc, that makes the difference. Gurus and spiritual teachers talk about this all the time.

The power to choose, and choosing how you want to be, no matter the circumstances is true power.

Allowing yourself to know what you want, and choosing how you want to be in relation to that, is a significant and self-empowering practice that can be extremely profound. This is an ongoing life practice. Layers upon layers of truth live within each of us. And through curiosity and fascination each one of us has tremendous opportunity to be surprised by our capacity to grow and generate amazing things through our personal power.

The true test of power is being who you are in the midst of any circumstances, maintaining connection to your ground of being, your internal source of self. From this place, regardless of your circumstances, you can move on in your life with integrity, dignity, clarity, and grace. There is no reason to defend, resist, or control if your true desire is to maintain a healthy connection with yourself and the circumstance you are being with.

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