Being Present

Being Present is what you experience when you are completely at peace with this very moment.
Your feelings are calm. Your reflexes are fast. Your mind is clear. You are decisive. You know what you want. You know what’s right for you. You perform your best – public speaking, sports, music, relating to people. Your confidence is deep. This lets you be real.

Being present is a time frame you choose to focus on.
There are only three possible time frames – past, present and future. Once you become aware of the thoughts you are having and the content of those thoughts, you will notice which time frame you are in at any given time. You will begin to notice how often your thoughts and feelings are focused on the past or the future. These thoughts are riddled with judgments, comparing the past or future to your present situation. Many people spend less than 1% of their time being fully present. The rest of the time, we drift in and out as our attention wanders. Your mind may even seem to be out of your own control.

Your memory is strong when you are in the present.
Do you recall times that are very clear in your memory? All of you was in the “here and now” in those moments – in a first love, on a great vacation, with a trusted friend. These were moments when you felt safe. You will be present more often when you learn to feel safe even in difficult, stressful, anxious situations – when people criticize you, when you make mistakes, when you are in a financial jam or in a love life crisis. Otherwise, outside circumstances will dictate when you are able to be present…or not.

Being present happens in an instant.
So does not being present. An upsetting thoughts triggers emotions based on the past hurts or future fears. It happens in an instant and is highly dependent on how good your boundaries are. Both result in conflict and unhappiness rooted in past and future-based thoughts and feelings. This is the real You that you want to keep hidden.

To be in the present is to stop comparing.
We compare the present with what “should” be happening. The result of this is judgments. We judge situations, other people and ourselves. Judgments make it hard to be present. Our minds become pre-occupied with thoughts that analyze the past or role-play the future. We live in the past to lick our wounds or we live in the future because we don’t trust ourselves that we’ll be okay in the future.

Being present means to live in the moment. (as if you have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to lose)
This is how your mind, body, heart and soul become unified in that one moment. Time slows down. You are connecting with what is.

Your ability to be present depends on letting go control.
Given that control is coming from the past you have to give up control to be in the present. What you resist is what you become.

Being present begins with NOTICING when you are trying to alter the present moment.
You become aware that you use “judgments” to try to control others and yourself. This creates a ‘victim’ mindset. You learn to stop being a victim. You become a more decisive person who makes wiser choices in difficult, uncertain and even scary situations. Your self-confidence and self-trust grow tremendously, as does your faith and spirituality. You feel safer, which lets you be present with others. They will soon notice a real and positive change!

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