Feeling better!

We all want to feel better in life, right? So why don't we feel better? Just feel better!

You see, this is not an interesting game. It's too easy. We like to play a different game: We can only feel better if we first get ourselves in to problems, then solve/overcome those problems and then we can feel better.

Well that's an interesting game to play.... It keeps you going... You know what, when you finish one game, just create another one... It keeps you going... But it's keeping you NOT going to fulfill your life in any way.

It's keeping you far from fulfilling your life! But that doesn't matter, because it's keeping you going... and then you die!

Maybe, just before you die, you will have a realization of the outcome of your final game, that it's going to end soon. So you decide to let go of the game, to find some inner peace... just to feel better!?!?!? Well, that sucks!

Let's play a new game, right now: If you want to feel better, just feel better. If you don't, just don't. And stop complaining about your problems, they just exists because you are keeping them alive!

Well that's feeling better! Can you feel it?

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Joeban Machiel. Life Enthusiast. Possibilizer. Coach.

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