Seeing is believing! Or not...?

In a conversation with my other brother last night, he was saying: "Actions speak louder than words". This was a reply to mine insight, I shared just seconds before, about if a good friend of us would be able to overcome a certain fear. I shared that I had noticed and witnessed the process of that friend in trying to overcome that fear. Empowered by a lot of conversations with this friend about her fear. My believe is that she is able let go of her fear! Despite my believe in what I see possible for her, my brother is having a different view. No offense, that is what brothers do ;-)

The whole conversation gave me the idea to use it as an example to make the next distinction... Btw, the rest of this essay got nothing to do with my brother.

So the philosophy behind 'actions speak louder than words' is that whatever people say they will do, they just need to do it and then we will believe it, right? What they do is more important than what they say. So first we want to see it and then we will believe it. Seeing is believing!

Well, this is not an empowering context to live from. Actually it's a very lazy-not-getting-off-your-couch-convince-me context. It's like sitting on the stand looking and waiting until something happened. And if something happened, you think that it's not good enough, or you are not convinced, or you don't take it for granted. In this space you are not being responsible for what happened.  ...You are on the stand, wearing the same glasses... Which is btw the perfect place to shout your comments...

Ask yourself, how much evidence do you want until you are going to see what is really happening?

So talking about 'seeing is believing', what is it what you see when you start to believe?
...Think about it for a moment...

The only thing you see is what you believe as truth or possible. Well, talking about truth,  the truth believed is a lie. Truth is an experience and is different for each and every one of us. Living your life from seeing is believing will get you only more of the same. Because your experience about the truth is coming from your past. Nothing new shows up. It's like a rat in a race. Living your past believes over and over again.  You can look into your future but only through your rear-view mirror. ...You are not present in the moment...
And another thing strikes me when living life from seeing is believing, there is no space for possibility. There is no freedom... It is a disempowering context to live from... You are not causing the matter.

The moment you start to realize that seeing is believing is nothing more than a constrain from your past, you can transform that point of view into a empowering context. Into a context coming from possibility!

Shifting seeing is believing into believing is seeing, will provide a powerful realm of opportunity. It works from the inside out. Living from believing is seeing creates you as being causing the matter. You are no longer the effect of it (not on the stand, but in the field). Now you have the ability to move the event/situation/something forward. Believing is seeing demands you to be present in the moment and to be generous. But above all, it demands you to be yourself!!! To be totally free from your constrains of the past. Be letting them go, you see the beauty in each and every one of us. You see the power and courage you have to deal with every situation in your life! To encourage and empower others in their game of life. ...The box is gone... 

However, when believing is seeing shifts back to seeing is believing, which will happen. ...Because you are human... But now you have the tool to shift it back... Or not.

Enjoy your day!

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