The Sky Is Not the Limit

Transformation is a contextual shift in awareness - in being - of yourself as the source of your life, rather than a shift in result. 

In the Realm of Transformation we are able to create new possibilities in ways of being. After we distinguished what was working from what wasn't working, we are able to let go of the things/thoughts/feelings/emotions/habits that don't serve us anymore. To create space for new ways of being. In the realm of transformation anything is possible. I mean that quite literally. When I talk about possibilities I don't mean the 'maybe, someday but not now possibility'. What I mean is that anything you want in a way of being is possible, right here - right NOW.

But here's the thing, when we are talking about anything is possible we like to relate to it like, 'the sky is the limit' or 'thinking outside of the box'.
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Well the problem with these phrases is that it all depends on perspective. Because when you are a skydiver the sky is not the limit but the ground is. And if you use a box as a metaphor for your self created constraints from the past, they will just disappear if you get rid of the box! By the way, out there is no thinking, it all happens inside of your mind.

So in the realm of transformation these phrases don't make any sense, because they come forth from a preferred believe system, based on what's already happened. These phrases are only useful if you want to refer to the past and thinking about changing things. But the transformation process isn't about changing things. Transformation is about creating new things. From scratch, from nothing. And the only way you can have access to that is by allowing yourself to be complete with whatever there is and isn't - especially with what's not going the way it supposed to be. Only when you complete the experience of it, you are able to let things go. That's how transformation works. In the world of change you can't let go of what's not working by adding things to make it work. It's like putting more glaze on a spoiled cake. It may work for a while. Eventually it will taste like crap!

This distinction may sound simple and it is simple. The reason why you have the experience that it isn't simple is because it is a human nature to be attached. We like to be attached to things/thoughts/feelings/emotions/habits, even if they don't serve us anymore in the present. We find it very hard to let go. One fundamental believe system that really sticks out in all the people I coached, is that we are afraid -by letting go- it will change or personality and the things we stand for. So what?! Another fear is that we are afraid of the emptiness, the nothingness, after we let things go. So we rather stick to the past, then diving into an unknown future. Well that's fun! Everything stays the same. And when everything stays the same we start complaining about it.

I'm not saying there's something wrong about it, but it doesn't make any difference. And if that is what you want, you have to make a choice!

So how do you want to do it, the hard way or your way?

If you choose the hard way be prepared for endless battles against all the things, thoughts, feelings, emotions and circumstances you already know and you already have been through, but are not working well for you. But hey, you know them, so it may look as the easy way.

Now if you choose your way be prepared for loving yourself in every aspect. With everything you have and everything you don't have. If you choose your way fear doesn't rule you. Neither do you suppress or ignore fear, just let it be - except some common sense when you're facing a running hippo towards you (or another life threatening situation). If you choose your way you must maintain your connection to your ground of being in the midst of any circumstances. From this place, regardless of your circumstances, you can move on in your life with integrity, dignity, clarity and grace. There is no reason to defend, resist, or control if your true desire is to maintain a healthy connection with yourself and the circumstance you are being with. In other words, be in the moment.

That's your way! It's about you and nobody or anything else. Be in the moment, be present and take on the fulfillment of your life. But there's a pitfall here: Believing the sky is the limit.

Transformation is the clearing for you to experience life based on creativity rather than on change, to experience life based on choice rather than on coercion, to experience life based on what's possible for being in the future rather than based on what's already happened. Ultimately, Life is life.

In the natural world transformation is fully present. We know that our ancestors lived in the sea. And that we humans have the same number of genes as mice and roundworms, about 23000. Did you know that a water flea, Daphnia Pulex, is the winner for largest number of genes in any animal known so far with 31000!
Anyway, transformation takes place everywhere. But the idea that we are able to transform our thoughts, feelings, emotions and the way we experience Life is relatively new. Look at us, humans are the only specie busy with what other humans think. In the natural world you need to run or to kill to survive. In our civilized world we don't 'need' to survive, yet we don't use our intelligence to end war, instead we defend war.

So on a biological level we have transformed a lot, but on an ontological level, on the level of being, we don't transform at the same rate. Why, I mean why not? What is stopping you? The past? Aren't you looking at your future through a rear view mirror? Get rid of it. Yes you are your constraints and yes you can break free from them.

The sky is not the limit but you are!


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