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Dear Compassion Players,

Last Saturday I was leading a “Being Extraordinary” workshop. It was great fun and all the participants are empowered and are left with new possibilities in life. I ended the workshop with the “Being Compassionate” game. I ask the participants to write down at least 5 names of people, which they will take on the game. In the realm of the workshop the 43 participants where not so inspired by making a difference just for 5 people. So one woman stands up and is asking me for a bigger game, so the result of this conversation is that each participant will play the game with at least 50 different people in there life's for the next coming weeks. And they all take on playing the game for the rest of there life’s.I was moved, touch and inspired.

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Joeban Machiel. Life Enthusiast. Possibilizer. Coach.

With today's stand of more than 1 million visitors and tens of thousands subscribers I want to leave you here with an experience, rather than to merely impart new information. Don’t just take it as value what you read, test it out and see if it works for you. In any case, even the truth, when believed, is made up. You must experience the truth, not believe it.

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