Probable Almost Certain Future

I want to introduce the idea of The Probable Almost Certain Future. Most people tend to repeat the same situations in their lives over and over again. They date the same kind of person. They find the same kind of job. They always have the same problems. This is the basic meaning of The Probable Almost Certain Future. The Probable Almost Certain Future is the continuation of the way things currently are.

Along your path of personal growth, you will want to examine your Probable Almost Certain Future. You can look at different areas of your life such as relationships, money, family and career. If you continue down the same path that you have been living/doing/being, what is the Probable Almost Certain Future for each of those areas? If you’re like most people, your Probable Almost Certain Future isn’t much different from the life that you are living at this very moment.

A Probable – Almost Certain – Future is exactly like it sounds. It is a future that is probably, almost certainly going to be a particular way, if we don’t somehow intervene and change it. So for example: if I eat too much fatty foods and chocolate, I will probably, almost certainly get fat, overweight and be very unhealthy. So in order to change my probable almost certain future I must do something completely different, i.e. eat healthily and exercise 2 or 3 times a week. I am not definitely going to be unhealthy but I probably will, if I keep doing the same things as I have always done.

Once you have acknowledged your Probable Almost Certain Future, then you can begin to do something about it. In order to alter your Probable Almost Certain Future, you need to make a drastic change. If you have a poor relationship with your Mother and you want to change your Probable Almost Certain Future around that relationship, you are going to have to acknowledge what you have been doing that has not been working for that relationship.

It is important that you acknowledge where you are at fault – This is not about where the other person has been wrong. If you approach the situation looking to place blame on the other person, you are going to come out worse than you went in. This isn’t about proving that you are right. This is about accepting responsibility for who you are being and owning your actions.

To alter your Probable Almost Certain Future you have to look for what is missing (in a way of being) the presence of which would make a difference! You need to recreate your present being to alter your future being.

Who do you want to be? Which way of being inspired you to be?

By recreating (reinventing) your way of being, you have the power to transform every aspect of your life remaining unfulfilled! 

And if you can't figure it out by yourself, ask for coaching :-)

The future isn't a place where you go, it is a place that you create!

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