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We are meaning-seeking creatures and, unlike other animals, fall very easily into despair if we cannot find significance and value in our lives.

Who we are as human beings is whole and complete. Who you are as a human being is perfect the way you are. Even life itself is perfect in the way that life is. Although it may not occur to you in that way. Often we experience life and ourselves far from perfect.

When a event is happening, most of the time we are judging and even want to chance the event. But where is all the judging and need for chance coming from? Let say it’s coming from your past experience, the past. So what is your past doing in the moment of the event which is happening here and now?

In my experience it is in the way, it is a barrier to the future. SO, GET OFF IT!!! GET CLEAR!!!

So, suppose you had no past. That would be an interesting place to be in…

Here we're not talking about having a past but not remembering it or not being able to recall it. Neither are we talking about having a past but putting it aside or ignoring it. All people have a past. You have a past. When you live in your past (or when you live from your past) you perpetuate the life you've already always lived. Nothing new shows up. If you tell the truth about it, that's not deeply satisfying and you're not nurtured by it. You're stuck and powerless, like a rat in a race.

But suppose, just suppose you ... had ... no ... past ...

For the sake of argument, create the experience of having no past. Stand in the experience of having no past. What's it like? Having no past, what choices do you have? Having no past, where are your reference points? What are you like, having no past?

Suppose you had no past. You'd take company as it comes, and equally enjoy yourself by yourself. You'd express yourself fully without holding back or avoiding being embarrassed. You'd let love nurture you rather than require it prove itself to you.

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Joeban Machiel. Life Enthusiast. Possibilizer. Coach.

With today's stand of more than 1 million visitors and tens of thousands subscribers I want to leave you here with an experience, rather than to merely impart new information. Don’t just take it as value what you read, test it out and see if it works for you. In any case, even the truth, when believed, is made up. You must experience the truth, not believe it.

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